Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends.  (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Happy Tree Friends. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

A good tree is a happy tree, flourishing with well-trimmed leaves. It grows well, properly nurtured by Mother Nature.  The water from the damp soil seeps into its roots, flowing upwards inch by inch to every end.

Even I myself am wondering why I am using a tree as a metaphor.  You see, that is a good tree.  The branches spread out through the air in several directions with such grace.  A tree well taken care of has a good ending.  It ends well.

A good tree is therefore a happy tree.  Why?  Its needs are met. Its foundations are firmly rooted in the earth, so to speak.  All it has to do now is to spread itself around – around anything it can find.

What makes a happy tree happy, besides of good roots?  How does it stay happy?  Several components to which I could testify, no doubt.

1.  Smiling.

This does wonders to the health.  As I write this, fireworks are shooting in the pitch black sky, lighting it up a little in the process. – Diwali is tomorrow, anyhow.

It does not have to only be the self doing the smiling all the time.  It also involves making others smile, or laugh, perhaps, even.  Whichever is appropriate.

2.  Keeping things simple.

Do not think too much.  Avoid complicating matters.  Life is just as hard as it can get for the self.

3.  Living in the moment.

The mind is a wonderful gift; do not pressure it so, because there simply is no point.  Plans definitely have to be constructed, and some of them will tremble more or less.  Avoid digging the past up and let the future unfold as it wishes.

4.  Thinking happy thoughts.

Focus on thinking happy.  Run after happiness like there is no tomorrow.  Build a conceptual happiness framework in your mind: happy you, happy children, happy parents, happy clients, happy boss, happy everything.  What makes you happy?  What keeps you happy?  Do it.

5.  Surrounding yourself with happy tree friends.

They set you in the mood and share beautiful moments together.  And the happier you are, the more happy tree friends you attract.  It is all in the Law of Attraction.

6.  Acting happy.

Even if you are not happy, at least pretend.  I am serious.  There is no harm making it like you are happy although you are not.  This channels positive energy into the self, and, on a more social level, someone might be able to see your true emotions and talk you out of your suppression.  So act happy.

7.  Saying thanks with that gratitude.

Demonstrating true appreciation with whole-heartedness is totally heart-warming to even the coldest soul.  Appreciate whatever little you have, however much you may possess.  Things are much simpler this way.  Remember there are those not as fortunate as you are.

7.  Discovering the self.

Be a little bit selfish.  Forget the world for a while and do what you wish that others cannot really do.  Go for a swim in the blue oceans.  Go on a hike – or a mountain climb.  Better yet, do some bungee jumping.  Invest on knowing more of the self.  Maybe you could even skip across mountains.  You never know.

8.  Be willing.

One of the precepts of positive psychology is that you need to approach issues with an ever eager heart.  I know you may not like Justin Bieber, but just as he mentioned in his rather infamous number, never say never.

Have fun!  The world is a wide, wide place.  Allow your branches to explore.

Red Story

Red Story

  Me and my American bum decided to take a sit in the cosy – and also icy, no doubt – McDonald’s restaurant at a corner in the shopping mall.  There were other places, but this is our favorite so far .

To be frank, my toes were already on the brink of turning stone hard in the frosty temperature even before I actually sat down.  I just brought my scarf along; why did I absent-mindedly leave my woolen jumper alone in my burrow? Today’s tale is going to be about my hair.  Yup.  It is going to be about that and only that.

The beloved part of me saw me grow through a beautiful three years .  It went through the hardships I faced… and bore the brunt of my experiences.  It suffered the hands of psychopaths, the edge of depression, the angst of a scarred heart; yet the beautiful mind let it grow, let it grow, and let it grow. This beautiful part of me emerged into a soft, lengthy tress of autumn brown that curled at the ends.

As months slipped away and turned into history, it seeped in my hardships, my pains, and little heartbreaks and joys. Anyhow, my mind decided that this Autumn enough is enough.  And so decided to give her a complete makeover.  Not just slice it into half.

Remember, it is a complete makeover.  Top it up with a splash of wine red.

     And so begins a new life. =)

Red Scarlet

It begins today.

It begins today.

Red Lace Underwear

Red Lace Underwear.  )Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Red Lace Underwear.  (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Do you know how much penchant I hold for objects of such worth?  Undeniable.  It is so beautiful, silky, and comfortable.  In addition, it has this sort of sepulchre silence that hangs over itself I cannot live without.  I am just about to begin a life-long romance with these things.

It was approximately six months past my 22nd birthday – I had done my own laundry , and so was bringing the clothes out to dry in  the sun, as usual.

I hung everything up on the line neatly and made sure there was some space in between the pieces to let the air seep through the tiny seams.  I drapped my red lace – the very first one I had – at one good end of the line.

That done, I went upstairs to prepare for a long day at work.  It was a fine day, diddle here, daddle there, and to cut the long story short, I was back past midnight.


Imagine my dismay when I realized that something was missing from the bunch of clothes I had hung earlier.  My red lace underwear!  Oh, come on, world.  Seriously.  It was gone and nowhere to be found.

Two months have gone by with the wind, and I have been searching north, south, east, and west for the same purchase.  I have found a blue lace, and a black one, and also other colors too, but I could not find it!  It was always a different color, or else the color was not good.

Well, today I decided to make a bold step and visit the mall in front of my burrow.  There are a few lingerie boutiques there, which I attempted to go to the day before – but the bus arrived very late and so the shops were close by the time I actually arrived.  But guess what?

I found it!!! Bought it, even!!!  Woo hoo.  Ich sein exstatische heute.

Red Scarlet

Meet My New Boyfriend

While waiting for him to have his fill of lunch, I decided to do a tad of writing. I have gone to Brickfields, the Town of Little India… to check out the sarees and colorful Punjabi suits; I was considering of getting a pair of those for a friend’s brother-in-law’s wedding. Today is the third attempt I am making at hiking my way to the place I have been wanting hit for a really long time.

Ouch…. I have been a dingbat because I stopped at the wrong station and my phone could not have his meal! But somehow I have gone to another restaurant.

It is drizzling slightly outside; the temperament has not altered for the past few days. Even if it does not stop I am still going!!!

Yeah, so the introduction to my new boyfriend. He is big and black and sexy – not too big though, I do not find it appealing. I am taking him out today on a little excursion to rest his sore lens and also to give myself a break. Once he has had his lunch, we shall be out marching once more.

We started our date today at the community pool. He stayed with me as I did my first round of five non-stop laps at the Olympian-size swimming pool. Then a short toilet break before I got back swimming again. All in all, I eight laps, alternating between butterfly and breast strokes. And my boyfriend was there, watching me all along! Isn’t he romantic? Sweet?

We are going to the Deer Park! Ah, the beautiful creatures. I cannot wait to meet up with them.