Decades ago a babyling was brought forth to the Earth in a state of tabula rasa.  It is true – she did not know how to dance swim, kick, and even think and write.  Love was oblivious to her back then.

By now more than a dozen years later she is happy to have a few birthdates depending on which you want to hear.  Her instincts have shown her the right route in helping people grow a sound understanding that life and love are two separate yet intertwined matters.  She is not some Dharma who yearns to preach the steps to Nirvana.  Neither is she a self-proclaimed Messiah who claims that light is shining on you one way or other.  Rather she has stood on the grounds of far-fetched humility.  She is the Girl Next Door!

A proud member of the Aryan race, she still has the kind heart to forgive when she is mistaken for someone from another planet.  In her simplicity she would just reiterate the fact that she is only Aryan; however, such an option fails to appear in the columns of any forms , and she is made to draw the line of best fit, and thus selects the best that suits her at that particular point of time.

Very down-to-earth, she speaks English and the Malay language with a lisping accent.  She struggles sounding well-versed in Mandarin and Cantonese; at times she is like a heroine, at other times she stumbles like a soldier weakened in the knees.  Her voice does not seem to be coherent with her frame, and her mind is even more boggling.  Her free time is invested in doing extreme sports, dancing in the studio, or just chilling out in her room.  She enjoys all kinds of music, food, and not to mention, fashion (a woman’s things!).   Rearranging the furniture around her room is her fling.

She is extremely voracious when it comes to writing , and does not mind sharing her little adventures out with the world.

But when it comes to a stop, she puts the pen down.  And types.  Auf  Wiedersehen.

Red Scarlet

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