Thinking Out of the Box

Are you stuck in a situation where you feel you can come up with something special and unique, but don’t seem to be able to?

Are you thinking inside the box, or outside the box? (Photograph credits to Ashraf Saharudin)

Are you thinking inside the box, or outside the box? (Photograph credits to Ashraf Saharudin)

Beware…do NOT limit your creativity!

Allow your thoughts to roam freely. Yes, your brain is inside you, protected by a calcium chamber we all call the “skull”. However, accept the fact that your thoughts are simple intangible thoughts, and so can go wherever they want. Think pleasant things, though-they make you a happier, healthier person. If possible, shut your eyes close and start imagining. Imagine what and who you want to be like. Imagine what you want to do. Imagine where you want to be. Conciously let go of control of your thoughts. Do not permit your perceptions to persist and obstruct your path to creativity.

It’s not that it’s wrong to avoid using the section of of your brain with this built-in capability. The fact is, if-and when-you do not utilize it for extended periods, whatever you have learnt from younger days up to the point you read this (and also the effort that you have invested to learning those stuff) becomes calcified in your mind. In other words, you act like a computer in which the functions have been programmed. All you do is answer the command, repeat the action, and repeat it again and again many times over, until your body wears out. Until, hopefully, you ask yourself, “Isn’t there another way to do this?”

Anyhow, I do hope your body hasn’t worn out by the time you hear this, because I have great news to tell you. Just as any computer is programmable, your mind, too, is programmable. You have the sole authority to erase previous data, copy some parts of the RAM, and paste it elsewhere. You even have the right to remove all storage and insert a new application!

So, why don’t you invest your time and effort to add new data? It might not take long, but this depends on what exactly you wish to change. The more complicated it is, the longer it takes, generally.

Spend some time to unwind and release your emotions, burdens, and worries. Focus on your abilities. What is it that is achievable-within your reach? Ignore the things that are on your external locus of control; they do not matter to you.

Next, start thinking. Think about anything you want. Let your thoughts take you high above th skies, through the exosphere, and into the Universe. Envision yourself doing what you love to do. It doesn’t matter if it sounds too simple. It’s all right if it is too complex. You can begin from the bottom and work your way up. Almost every successful person has had humble beginnings. Therefore, don’t worry if you falter badly at the starting line.

Somehow, if you want to change you hairstyle, go ahead and change it! You’ll get more perfect at every practice. You may even be amazed at yourself after a while.

And that’s just a part of Thinking Out Of The Box. Keep yourself updated for more information!

Red Scarlet

The Rain

Have you ever heard god speak?  He does not shout; he does not scream – his words are like soft whispers to the ear, an enlightenment to the soul.  I dare profess that I myself have heard god speak.  Just in case you were wondering how….

I shall tell you a story.

Having written a number of articles, I was extremely eager to post them as soon as I could.  My heart desired to be heard – it was with much haste that I prepared my laptop bag to do some publishing.

Yet at the same time, I had more stuff to brag about, and it set me wondering if I should just sit back in my burrow and put my flair there and then, or I should just go ahead with publishing and try to vomit all the words out later.

And then something happened.  In an instant hilariously average-sized droplets of water fell from the dark clouds in the sky.  They beat the window panes completely, and brought cool air to the atmosphere.

Sometimes one can hear god talking to us through the rain. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Sometimes one can hear god talking to us through the rain. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

It was as if the Masai warriors had lit a bonfire in the barren land and danced around it nearly to their exhaustion to ask the gods to bring down rain to an otherwise unbecoming climate.

The shower was like god saying to me: “Hello…. You need to stay back and finish drafting your little stories first before going out.”  And I was like, hey.

I do not know.  Just maybe.

Red Scarlet

Heart Attack

Happiness is your choice. You choose to be happy. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Happiness is your choice. You choose to be happy. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

You have definitely listened to Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack.  Probably you have gone through it also, so you should comprehend the feel of it.  Your heart is weighed down by a brick – its mass is unbearable to a certain degree you can almost not speak.

Now, imagine a triple heart attack that occurs in continuum.  It is a love affair that is not related but somehow interconnected.  One break leads to another in a succession of breaks, as in the infamous game of dominoes.  The more you try to search for answers to the who, why, where, what, and how, the harder it gets to breathe.

The beauty of the human mind nevertheless is that it is capable of selecting what thoughts to frolick about.  Thus everyday you are bombarded with a plenitude of choices, some made by you, the rest made by others – for yourself.  Simply categorize them into two sections; one for the good, the other for the bad.  It is not too hard, is it?  The rest you are not certain of, by the way, you can always stash them away in the Ambiguity Folder first and return to them when you feel the need.

Do not do yourself an injustice making the wrong choices.  Be sure of yourself what you need and want before deciding.  Maximize the fullest potential of your wisdom.  Rid off unwanted people, people who bring the cycle of negativity to your actions.

And on your road through discovering happiness, constantly remind yourself that besides of keeping others happy, you have to keep yourself happy too. Vice versa as well.

A Tad of Basic Video-Editing

It has been such a tragic year for the aviation industry in Screenshot - 1Malaysia.

Remember, there was once I mentioned about a video on the Malaysian Airlines.  Or did I not?  Ahem, well, I managed to put almost everything together in the wee hours of the morning.  It is not a task you can just crash and bang, and get the video – even a short one – ready for viewing.

Every single attention must be paid to the minutest detail (like the seconds, for instance).  For this short clip that lasts less than ten minutes I directed, I wrote the first draft of the lyrics and then brainstormed the idea with my partner.

Video-editing can be a fun process.  It can even iron out mental stress.  The best result you can churn out is when you are working under pressure.

Anyhow, I hope this works out well.  Auf weidersehen.

Red Scarlet

Choices, Choices

I would sit down for hours and tell you all the things I have seen, heard, tasted, and sensed, if only I could.  However, I would not.  All I can say is that I would not be able to talk to you about this if it were not for the choices I made earlier.

There were plenty of hard decisions that I had to conclude, and the only words that rang continuously in my head were as simple as, “Take it, or leave it.”  On several occasions, time was a crucial factor; I just had to decide on the spot, and face the consequences later.

The course of life is just like that – a continuous take-it-or-leave-it process.  How you go about it really requires you to be absolutely well-informed of its consequences.  This requires plenty of thorough investigation within a short period of time.

Scientifically, all one has to do is weigh the pros and cons of the choices available and lay them out before him.  Within minutes – KABOOM – and the decision to act must be carried out.

And once you have made your decision, you must make haste and run after it, into it, so you get what I want.

The consequences, you face later.  And the good and bad of it, you leave it to god.  The only thing you must assure yourself is that you learn from the message transmitted.

Tips to Avoiding Procrastination

There are only a few more days to your company’s big showcase. You look at the files your boss handed you the week before. All you had to do was sign the documents in the files. That could wait, you thought. Tonight you have a date. So you decide to sign them when you get back.


Last weekend, it was your father’s birthday, and you wanted to dish up a meal for his dinner at 8 p.m. However, your favorite show came on around 7.30 p.m., and you had already switched on the television at 7 p.m. without doing any preparation.


And just this morning, your pet terrier Hobo hopped into a pile of crispy withered leaves you’d gathered in the garden yesterday. Now the leaves are strewn all over the lawn; not only that, Hobo is dirty. You have to wash him before he jumps into your bed to snuggle himself to sleep. Nevertheless, you have a date tonight – and you don’t want to miss it, remember?

There you go again. Procrastination.

You continuously put things off that have to be completed first as you always become hitched up with other activities that are more pleasurable. Why so? Maybe those activities are more fun. Maybe they are more beneficial to you. Whatever it is, you avoid doing it.

Several consequences can result – in the long run, procrastination can render an individual incapable of doing many things. Do you recall how practice makes perfect? It works about the same way. You need to do it however regularly it requires you.

There are some good news to stopping procrastination altogether though. It’s not exactly a miraculous solution, but if you are willing, it can work wonders in your life. A few key ingredients in the recipe to success are patience, discipline, and perseverance. The paragraphs below outline some ways you may find helpful.

1. Get into the mood of completing your assigned task.
Quite often, you’ll find that you procrastinate because you simply do not have the mood to do anything about it at all. So, let’s get realistic here: You must get it done. All you need to do is become involved – truly involved – with the task that lies ahead of you. If you have to solve a mathematical problem, then let yourself delve deeper and deeper into the logic of mathematics. This doesn’t only save you from the trouble of rushing through your work, it also aids in expanding the capacity of your knowledge.

2. Look on the positive side of things.
Lack of money, creativity, and even IQ capacity plays a huge role in bringing about procrastination. Because you lack something, you feel inadequate to accomplish the goal. In this case, you should focus on the outcomes instead. Paint a mental picture of the end result. Not very assuring? Don’t worry. There’s nothing better than getting your job done on time.

3. Complete it little by little.
This usually works if you either have a large project or are trying to handle several projects at once. In this case, you have to first decide which is of more importance. Next, you need to break it down into stages. This way you can finish it up bit by bit. Doing so decreases the mental workload of your perceptions.

Try these steps one at a time for a start – you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

I Choose

I choose to be happy

I choose. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

I choose. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

I choose to be wise

I choose to wear a smiley

Among all the other guys


I choose to break free

I choose to live and let go

I choose to live though not easily

Now that’s not for putting a show


They’ve been long open

Just let the scars heal

To the count of eight, nine, ten

Together we will

Positive Quotes

I am a smart individual capable of channeling my thoughts and likewise my emotions, capable of choosing which I prefer to think, not listen to or hear.

For I am my very own Composer of Life; the thoughts that play around and dramatize themselves in my mind construct the music that I hear every second that I breathe.

You, as a perfectly functioning individual, are able to channel your thoughts.  Do not allow yourself to be at the mercy of your emotions instead. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

You, as a perfectly functioning individual, are able to channel your thoughts. Do not allow yourself to be at the mercy of your emotions instead. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Managing Emotions

Lili Marleen (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Lili Marleen (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

There is a ship in the sea standing tall in the horizon. The striking rays of the Sun shone upon its coat and beamed across the wooden floorboards. The air is good; cool and breezy, and fresh with the morning mist. The only sound that could be heard is probably the gentle swishing of waves as the ship sailed gracefully along and pushed the waters aside. The mast is projecting upright in the air, directing the ship as the soft sweet wind blew. The sky is blue and clear, as if someone had just polished off the fleecy clouds and stored them away.

Then something happened very quickly that stole the scene in the blink of an eye.

The weather became tumultous one instant. Tiny droplets of water gathered and formed huge masses of dark grey. The winds took a turning point and started bellowing savagely through the icy air. The currents ravaged through the sea, creating monstrous waves that thrashed everything and everyone hungrily. The next instant, the strong mast shook and broke and fell down with all its glory, wreaking the floorboards with a loud “Crack!” Thunders roared and strips of light streaked in the sky. Men and women, young and old, and children ran frantically to the left to the right, forwards and backwards, hoping to save themselves and what was dear to them.

This analogy portrays how our emotions can effectively influence ourselves and our environment. Negative temperaments result in dire consequences, which is why we have to remain calm regardless of the situation. Your body is your ship and you have to understand your lighthouse – your brain – to manuever your ship. Maintaining a calm compose brings way to enhanced communications, strengthening relationships and even productivity.

That said, let’s begin keeping watch over our lighthouse to manage our inner self for our good and the good of others.

Wide Awake

Life always seems to be a string of funny stories told by the gods although it is actually god who wants you to learn something. Even if god does not want you to learn anything out of something, he wants to bless you.  After all, how would you even know?

Therefore, by all means, keep yourself aware and alert at all times.  Although it may seem like no fun, stay away from the dark, and keep yourswelf wide awake.

Abstain from the little vices you used to get yourself involved in – in order to make wise decisions, you have to constantly keep a clear mind.

Anyway, what am I writing about?  I have a movie to catch very soon, and it’s sort of similar to a musical – Step Up: All In!!! So what am I waiting for I don’t know.

Normal... or abnormal?

Normal… or abnormal?