Out on the Verge

Sorry if I talk too much; I cannot help it. It’s what I do. You know what’s life? EDM is life. Yes, I am talking about Skrillex. I am talking about Diplo, Tiesto, whatever else.

It has been almost one month since I turned 25, and I am looking forward to many exciting – sometimes even shocking – revelations in the coming year. No, I am not going to shave all my glorious hair off and go completely hard-Punk. On a daily basis I am quite busy at the office, and apart from that I am working on a few other projects, i.e. the Spirit of Sparta and the Water Gate Series. Spirit of Sparta is going to be my first ebook on the Amazon, and just in case you have been wondering, it is an autobiography. The Water Gate Series on the other hand is a selection of children’s books for cognitive and English language training.

Not to forget, there’s also the Electronic Dance Music event geared towards happiness and the positive psychology experience. At present I am still open to investments and venture capital from any interested party.


Out on the verge to something new. (Photo credits to Alicia Leng)

As you can see, I am running all around looking for solutions. Being critical requires looking from not just one idea, but several plausible answers. I am on the tipping point of madness having to sit and write, and at the same time improvise on plans and such. I am trying to make sure the ship I am manning stays afloat and sails through successfully. The end of the tunnel is a little more than halfway through, but I can see light at the other side. I am being bloody hopeful.

My dream is out on the verge of becoming a reality, and that’s what I am hard at work with.

Red Scarlet



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