Yin and Yang, Homeostasis, and the Great Escape

There’s a reason why I include a #PosPsy in most of my posts on Twitter and Facebook. It is something significant, very new, yet very powerful.

Earth. Fire. Water.

In ancient Chinese medical terminology, the yin and yang has traditionally been considered crucial to health. An imbalance creates a disturbance in the immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to sickness. The concept stood extremely well through, that, till today, a lot of people are still counting on it to restore their health and heal themselves.

Scientifically, this refers to homeostasis, in which bodily systems must function in equilibrium to maintain a balance in the human immunology. Thus, a balanced exposure to earth (Nature), fire (the Sun), and water (rain, or swimming in the ocean, perhaps) creates a healthy mindset that is consistently firing positive motivation to keep your heads up in the name of life.

Positive psychology is not the law of attraction. It is a science unlike the latter, which has no research, no scientific backup, no validation. To think positively you have to decide to make the change in your life to start doing activities that are meaningful not only to you, but to everyone else. You have to be proactive and committed to using the right approach. In effect, it is doing more than thinking, acting more than praying and hoping for the best. It is a journey through a city called happiness, in which there are absolutely no shortcuts.

This is why I do what I do. I have returned from a trip to Langkawi Island not too long ago. Guess what – I paraglided! Of course I did not go in my white bikini. I do have a white bikini; see 👙. However, because I went all by myself (I was supposed to accompany my boyfriend somewhere in the morning, but I acted sleepy) I wore my favorite Batman t-shirt. The whole experience lasted for approximately 30 minutes, so I managed to return to the hotel before my boyfriend came home! 😁


The Great Escape is essential. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng.)

Red Scarlet 

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