Nostalgia: Wisps of Memories

Here Waiting For You

In the night when I’m thinking of you

My heart, O so yearning for you

Wishing to see your face

Oh I’ve been waiting all my days


Wisp of Memories.  (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Wisp of Memories. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Pieces of pictures in memory of you

Whiz through my mind I adore you

I’m here waiting for you tears they

fall from my eyes

As the clock ticks by

                                                                                    As the clock ticks by


You survived it all

But you survived it all


May the hailstorms strengthen your heart

May the explosions shield you from harm

May god watch over you wherever you may be

As I’m here waiting for you

As I’m here waiting for you….

MAS Parody

Oh god! I just got back from recording my song for a short clip on Malaysia’s unfortunate aviation tragedies.

It is kind of sad that such uneventful circumstances occurred in quite a brief period of time – we have not even recovered from the earlier one.  At a personal level, I too feel extremely bereaved about the recent losses.  I fear, too, a little, for my friends and loved ones. Wherever they may be, overseas or in-land.  Boarding a plane these days does not seem like much of the fun it portrayed in the past.

Anyhow if all goes well, the clip should be out when it is ready.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

Like a team that relies on each and every member to stay strong although one of them has been weakened, so must we unite and work together in solving such mysteries.  Racism, prejudice, ethnocentrism, discrimination . . . you name it, you just got to put all that aside now.  Life does not work that way.

Whatever that is past is to be put away for now is a test for our unity.  Will we stand, or will we fall – yet again?

To this, I have only two words.  God knows.

The Screen-Play Write-Up

A director's job.  (Photo credits to Faidzal Annuar)

A director’s job. (Photo credits to Faidzal Annuar)

Memories are sometimes best left behind, sometimes stored for the good of remembrance.

Of all the writings I have done, be it constructing compositions for tuition classes full of rowdy students, preparing college entrance essays for medical schools, writing the Water Gate Series (a children’s book series), or for my personal blog, the hardest one so far is preparing the screen-play write-up.

It churns the whole core of imagination as you attempt to construct the flow from one scene to the next, whilst depicting the various personalities of the characters.  I will not say that it is impossible, but it is not easy, you know?

Well, for a start, I experienced a battle of different ideas all in one location . . . my mind.  Harboring all kinds of scenes in a purportedly vast space of RAM has done much to the Think-Tank, to the extent that my poor brains cannot wait to vomit everything out.  To make matters even better, the scenes are constantly zapping at each other for their turns to come out first, second, third, fourth, fifth, urgghh.

My pineal gland has instructed them to be patient and wait while she sits on her Throne and selects among the plethora of scenes the one that is supposedly eligible to start the rally.  The rest, she said, have to line up and pass the baton.

Isn’t it a wonder how film directors do not have multiple personalities, since they always commit a huge amount of their time to writing screen-plays?  They need to reminisce a certain past several times over, however excruciating, horrifying, or petrifying it is.

Oh, I am about to step into the Bazooka Zone now.  Readers, beware.

Only Human

Appreciating life for its little pleasures and accepting things as they are makes you a happier person. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Appreciating life for its little pleasures and accepting things as they are makes you a happier person. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Staying positive is about keeping yourself and others happy by thinking positive.  It is about channeling happy thoughts to the brain to extend longetivity.  It is about maintaining one’s own well-being through activities like exercise, being thankful for little things, giving in and not prioritizing your decisions on others, and so much more.

Which is why I plan on taking up hip hop when life falls back into place and everything is settles.  I attended my first hip hop workshop last week, and it was totally awesome.  To me hip hop is just like exercise, because it expends your energy to create flow.  Hip hop and music, when played together, actually helps one not worry too much about the muscle sore, but rather brings the focus to the present.

It is about minimizing your life by keeping things simple, about surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh, who keep you happy.  It is about recording the simple things in life, because these are the things that make you stay happy.  It is about laughing at the silly mistakes you and your friends make from time to time – remembering that we are only humans, and it is all right to err.


Normal... or abnormal?

Normal… or abnormal?

Now let’s just say you were born naturally.   Or at least you had a natural birth, or you assumed so.  You have two arms, two legs, two (must I mention that!) parts of the brain – the left and right hemisphere, that is – and beautiful, chiselled-out features.  You are intelligent, healthy, and quirky.  You run the fastest in your neighborhood; every girl and boy, man and woman envy your legs.

And then, this morning, someone knocks on your door and gives you this piece of news: You got to get out of your normality, and hop in to the next lane of normality. Does this sound like good news or bad news?  What would you do?

Run away, I bet.  Before you do that, bravo.

And welcome to your fantasy world, Marsinda Plueigens.

The Huge Comic Strip

It is part of the film-making process.  (Photo credits to Ashraf Saharuddin)

It is part of the film-making process.  (Photo credits to Ashraf Saharuddin)

Comic strips are fun to read.  It is a part of the film-making process that occurs somewhere in Step 2 or 3.

The things that occur in life can also be part of a comic strip – would you believe that?

Well, for me, it is just as it is.  A comic strip.  Please understand t.he phrase word by word.  Life is like a huge movie in which god writes up the entire screen play and you are the actor.

Oh, well.  Whatever.

I had made my decision to take part in the fasting during this year’s month of Ramadhan after a bizarre turn of events this year.  Of course on several occasions I admit that the fast had to be broken before due time – plus minus and I would probably get a total of about two weeks.  The days flew by and the last day of fasting arrived.  I had been at work, and after that I was supposed to hit the streets of Kuala Lumpur to do a bit of shooting for a clip on the country’s aviation tragedies.  My partner and I had almost been done with the entire script (it was a short one anyhow), so that night was supposed to be the final round if things worked as planned.

If things worked out as planned.  He texted me in the evening.

“I cannot make it at night.  It is the Hungry Ghosts Festival and my family has plans already.”

You know how I felt?  Euphoric?

Again, whatever.

A good friend had invited me to her husband’s candle-light birthday part by the lakeside at Kota Kemuning the next day, so I was up at noon and prepared myself for the evening.  I gave my eyes a bewitching look with liquid black eyeliner for the top and lower eyelids – somewhat the sort you see on ancient Egyptian women.  Oh, I love my eyes.  Why am I starting to sound narcissistic?

Anyhow, on my way to the mall – I walked there; it was only a few minutes away – to get  a present for the party, I met two young school-age boys dressed in Hari Raya clothes.  We said hi, and then the bigger one asked me: “Kak, ada duit Raya tak?”  (“Elder sister, can we get some tokens?”)

I do not know, but I said I am not married yet!  They were looking at me with their cute, innocent faces which made them almost morph into The Puss in the Boots.  Bad feelings started creeping over me as I swayed over the thought of playing tricks on their little minds.  I obliged in the end.

It was randomness in its extreme.  Happiness overload.

Life is the huge comic strip.  (Photo credits to Ashraf Saharuddin)

Life is the huge comic strip. (Photo credits to Ashraf Saharuddin)

Cup of Tea

What's your cup of tea - green tea or black, or darjeeling? (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

What’s your cup of tea – green tea or black, or darjeeling? (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Drama directing has been my delicious cup of tea for the past few years.  It may appear as if I am diverting from my health science major… but no, it is not.  As far as I am able to tell you, I am attempting to stick, as closely as possible to the sciences.  However, what has drama got to do with the sciences, by the way?

I admit, I am no smart alec, but what I do comprehend is that drama has a lot to do with it.  Based on the social scientist’s perspective, that is.  A major fact will be that it helps relieve one’s stress after an exhausting occasion.

Fascinating as it sounds, it is even more incredible to be able to create your own Minions and prepare for them an unrelated yet intertwined road.  It feels awesome to be sitting up front somewhere – and direct!  Ah, the euphoria it makes.

Drama is useful in many forms - as stress relief and as a form of relaxation also. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Drama directing is useful in many forms – as stress relief and as a form of relaxation also. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)