Reinvent Yourself

Hey, I am back!  Back to the scenes of myths and folklore, where leprachauns hide timidly behind their oversized shamrocks as they await the majestic arrival of their long-lost Princess.  What has become of Her Majesty, the heir to the throne?

There she comes, swooping down on the wings of a legendary dragon, from the clear blue skies – WHOOSH!!!

Ok, all right.  Lots of people have been telling me that I talk too much, but I talk too much, and that is just me?  So buckle up and listen.  Allow me to set my priorities straight once again.

  1.  Prioritize.  Though it has been a rather stumbling start to the new year,  there are by far and large more important matters to attend to.  Graduation, starting up, holding meetings after meetings, and adding up to the business plan over and over.  So I am just going to do the next step.
  2.   Breathe.  I am going to give myself enough time to complete separate tasks one by one.No rushing, no hasty decisions.  Just kissing the sweet air (so to speak!) and being in complete awareness of the things going on around me.  Why, I would take more rest too.  Sleeeep.  And count sheep.
  3.    Forgive.  Yes, I admit this.  I make mistakes too.  I make mistakes countless of times, not because I do not learn, but because Time does not have its mercy on me, or it was just meant to be.  What is important now is that I do not bask myself in agony over the past, but I look toward the future right away instead.  It is terribly pathetic to feel sorry for oneself, especially for an extended period of time. 
  4.   Self-love.  Perhaps it seems a little narcissistic to the others, but look – you have to take care of yourself first before you are able to take care of anyone else.  The same goes with loving someone.  Love yourself first.  Do what you love doing.  I, for one, be the woman I choose to be.  Leave me to romanticize myself o’er in the shallow of the lakes, unperturbed by anyone.  So what if I am savage.  Animals never attack humans unless they have been provoked.
  5.   Be happy.  Be grateful for the little things in life.  It is absolutely hard work since the old days, and everyone – friends and family and fiends alike – have their fair share of shaping up the whole picture of life as it is now.  Be happy for them.  Be thankful for having them in your life.  Imagine where would you be without ’em.  Another thing is that I cannot believe I am turning 25 this year.  I do not appear to be five years to the three O’s! Oh my gosh… just look at my picture below.


  1.   Do my thing.  Never have I been so busy in my entire life.  What with starting up my business and having to do my first pilot study so I could get into Masters, and then all the conundrum about my future, I am almost consummated by the workload I have.  Like today, I barely slept; I have been expanding my business plan and figuring out sources of funding and investments, as well as working on my research.

Somehow I am looking forward to graduate, and then who knows where my next stop will be?! Germany?  Britain?  Ireland?  Or the USA?  Or am I staying in Malaysia for a while?

Things are happening a little too fast.  That is why my head has been in a mess for quite some time, and hopefully now I have the time to set things straight again.  What a crazy life.

Red Scarlet