Sleeping Spells

It is the time of your life.  Study time.  Play time.  Eating time. Cooking time.  Housechores time.  Going out with friends time.  Alone time.  Then, out of the blue…. KERPLUNK.

Your head slumps forward.  Your eyelids close.  Your nostrils start expanding and contracting in a slow, consistent manner.  Before you even realize, you have in an instant drifted off to Heavens Knows Where.

Tell me about it – this is not the first time it has occurred.  Each time it comes, it steals silently through the corners of your eyes.  It makes an uninvited return through the neurons of your brain, switching off the synapses as it runs up and down the axons.  Very well.

In less than ten minutes or so, your conciousness finds its way up to the outer layers of your cells.

And you get back to work.

You see, we young people have a lot to accomplish.  Which is why power naps are extremely useful.


Snoozing Cats - Photograph courtesy of Alicia Ai Leng

Snoozing Cats – Photograph courtesy of Alicia Ai Leng

 Red Scarlet