November rains are back.  Everyday it is raining, raining, raining.  The skies are crying, weeping tears of bittersweet joy.  Massive clouds of whitish-grey matter cover the sky, creating a reflecting gloom that shrouds the earth.  Some twists must be taken, must they not?

Even the air is set with a dewy mist.  Winds blow, though not too hard.  The ground is moist; in some places it is damp and soggy from all the wetness.

The wisps of mists fill the air as it evaporates, awakening the senses – perhaps with a start – and the soul, with a renewed vigor, skips along the sidewalks in merriment.  For through pain, through jagged maps, through persistence it came through it all, and is still coming, on its way.  One day soon it shall be no less obvious, because its dear heart would thump with powerful beats along to the tune of the music whispering in its ears.

An afternoon in downtown KL. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

An dizzling afternoon in downtown KL. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

November is a beautiful month, the time of the year when Mars and Pluto cross paths and stars collide.  It is the time of the year of every other year when little baby scorpions emerge from their eggs and take their very first crawl.

Oh!  The clock is ticking, and I am running out of time.  I must put on my birthday suit.  For in a few minutes I am turning 24.  How old can I be?

I am in oh-so-deeeeep love with the month of November.

Red Scarlet

PS:  This post was written a few days prior to the author’s 24th birthday.

Meet My New Boyfriend

While waiting for him to have his fill of lunch, I decided to do a tad of writing. I have gone to Brickfields, the Town of Little India… to check out the sarees and colorful Punjabi suits; I was considering of getting a pair of those for a friend’s brother-in-law’s wedding. Today is the third attempt I am making at hiking my way to the place I have been wanting hit for a really long time.

Ouch…. I have been a dingbat because I stopped at the wrong station and my phone could not have his meal! But somehow I have gone to another restaurant.

It is drizzling slightly outside; the temperament has not altered for the past few days. Even if it does not stop I am still going!!!

Yeah, so the introduction to my new boyfriend. He is big and black and sexy – not too big though, I do not find it appealing. I am taking him out today on a little excursion to rest his sore lens and also to give myself a break. Once he has had his lunch, we shall be out marching once more.

We started our date today at the community pool. He stayed with me as I did my first round of five non-stop laps at the Olympian-size swimming pool. Then a short toilet break before I got back swimming again. All in all, I eight laps, alternating between butterfly and breast strokes. And my boyfriend was there, watching me all along! Isn’t he romantic? Sweet?

We are going to the Deer Park! Ah, the beautiful creatures. I cannot wait to meet up with them.