Burning Alive

The cotton pashmina that veiled the lady’s beautiful mind – it fluttered in the gentle wind as she glided gallantly down the ivory steps of the ruins of the fire-beaten Colossal pillars, her velvety dress sailing along.  Nothing was visible save her darkly distinguishable kohl hazel-brown eyes.  The light that shone through those piercing eyes burned everything she saw into flames.  But she did not seem afraid.

In a second little fairies appeared in the air; they flew around her, following her in a little camaraderie.  They tweeted cheerfully, with such childlike merriment and vigor.   She did not stop in her march.

Where did she come from?  Why was she heading to the fire with such passionate intent?


Listen… listen closely.  Feel… feel naturally.  Think… think carefully.  Life waltzes in its own majestic ways.  No one could ever imagine how journeys would end, drastically, or with a tinge of fantasy.  One may lose himself in the tangle of cobwebs, but yes, he will cut his way out and yes, he will find his way through.  Darkness may plunge the anguished soul into the depths of the abyss where gargantuan monsters lie, waiting to gulp down a good meal.  Gunshots may fell the body into pits of raging fire, melting the skin, eating away at the muscles.

But you know what?  He will make it through.  He will push his way up, regardless of how thick the gooey mess he is in.  He will emerge from the pain of having his growing body held captive in the seemingly shrunken cocoon.

Today is Malaysia Day, and I have been spending the early hours of the morning to contact a few psychologists for interviews as part of my university project.  I have also spent a huge amount of time talking to my business partners about the event I am planning to hold soon.

The searing pain in the head; let it go, let it go.  It is hard to forget the past so sweet and which told of a future that was meant to be.  It is all a learning process anyhow, although it is hard to accept.  If only time could turn back its hands and work in reverse.

But how is that even possible?

I made a vow when I left: That I am going to heal like the issue never existed in the first place.  I am going to swing on my chandelier from out of your grasp, back to where I belong.  I am very aware of my points of origin, and whatever else I am doing.  I have given my best, too.  It is only for you to take it or leave it.  Whatever it is, you are still a part of me.


Red Scarlet

You’ll Never Know

There is something carefree about today’s rock music, something useful, energetic, which could push one off limits.  The catchy tunes invigorates the self and refreshes the spirit.  While you bang the drums and hit the beats… I hit the keyboards.  It is my DJ mixer. I play out the notes on that apparatus, letter by letter.  I definitely will make it through the night.

Yes, you want to accomplish something – so why not just do it.  It is much better that way, isn’t it? Rather than agonizing over the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of it, which have the high possibility of transforming a perfect human being into a suicidal psychotic, simply get into the habit of actually accomplishing it.

It is your own initiative, your own choice.  You yourself know the things you have done before, the situations that you have gone through, and you are able to decide.  I am anyhow a little drunk over my music and writing – I have had too much of it, and it shall not stop yet.

The least you can accomplish from your mission is a it of wisdom.  You’ll never know.

Even this monkey is contemplating on the future.  (Photo Credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Even this monkey is contemplating on the future. (Photo Credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Red Scarlet

Do Not Judge a Book By Its Cover

A Tuesday, really hazy – but I had preemptly decided to spend the day painting my burrow and writing and swimming.  I would also like to talk about a saying I would very much like to call my very own, but of course was quoted by someone else.

Ummm… do not judge a book by its cover.  It could be a hard cover, or a soft cover; nevertheless in any case, never judge its contents.  The cover, regardless of how strong, artistic, or downright plain it is, does not explain its contents’ depth.

The cover can definitely be a summary of its contents, anyhow.  It is in fact the summation of the chapters in the book (where Z = x^1 + x^2+x^3+x^4+x^5…+x^6).

The previous, current, and future chapters of your life. They are all written down. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

The previous, current, and future chapters of your life. They are all written down. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Likewise… so is a person.  The individual is a compilation of several chapters folded and consequently binded together.  Every time after a particular chapter of an individual’s life passes, he or she has learned something.  Anything, that could be either good or bad – the point is that one has learnt something.  Which is what makes up one’s self.  It is so because such circumstances have emblazoned themselves in the heart, mind, and soul of one’s very being.

Now it is time to talk about the effort expended  on creating the cover.  It could be a grief story, a story full of joy and success, or otherwise some imaginary scandalous affair, but one thing remains similar throughout.  That is the fact that the author always does his best to make it look appealing and presentable.

There is nothing wrong in that – no matter what occurs, we do whatever we can to put a smile on the faces of the people we meet.  I have completed my five laps of butterfly and breast strokes in the pool today.  I feel a little dizzy after making my plunge in the community pool.  Probably because this is the first in like four years since I last swam.  There is definitely more swimming in the future.

Anyhow I was considering using a movie or an album cover as a metaphor, but that would be a little absurd.  I decided that a book would be much better.