Best of Both Worlds

Should have, could have, might have – but did not.  I must smack myself in the face.  The daydreaming I have plunged myself into with all the diving through the deepest depths… it is still going to continue.

This is the 21st century we are now experiencing at the forefront of conciousness.  Yet I choose to submerge a bit further through the id and out the superego as I search through the shelves of my memory for those materials I need to put to good use, specifically.

At times it takes me to a particular point in my life when I do know absolutely what I want to write about, but the hand churns up something else.  Which is quite astounding, because till now, I had expected the hand to obey the mind.

But now I shall shut my hand with orders of persecution and open my mind instead.  My love for drama shall be a little more pronounced in all my studies and research.  It is a personal attempt to bridge a conjuction between the subject of the Sciences and the Arts.  That combined with the philosophies if the ancient Grecian fathers and the rich culture of the past… ooh la la; I could have almost orgasm.

     But of course I do not.

Have you tried mixing vodka with a little berry juice?  Or, perhaps, whisky?  It is approximately similar, only that you put your drunken thoughts to print for all to read and ponder and laugh about.

The Masai warriors are stomping their sharply-carved spears onto the ground, their loincloths waving slightly in the hot, airy climate.  Let the leprachauns dance along the rhythm with pretty little green shemrocks under their cute little feet.

Gah!  Add a bit of rum; switch on the music.  Come dance with me.

Red Scarlet

Heart Attack

Happiness is your choice. You choose to be happy. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Happiness is your choice. You choose to be happy. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

You have definitely listened to Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack.  Probably you have gone through it also, so you should comprehend the feel of it.  Your heart is weighed down by a brick – its mass is unbearable to a certain degree you can almost not speak.

Now, imagine a triple heart attack that occurs in continuum.  It is a love affair that is not related but somehow interconnected.  One break leads to another in a succession of breaks, as in the infamous game of dominoes.  The more you try to search for answers to the who, why, where, what, and how, the harder it gets to breathe.

The beauty of the human mind nevertheless is that it is capable of selecting what thoughts to frolick about.  Thus everyday you are bombarded with a plenitude of choices, some made by you, the rest made by others – for yourself.  Simply categorize them into two sections; one for the good, the other for the bad.  It is not too hard, is it?  The rest you are not certain of, by the way, you can always stash them away in the Ambiguity Folder first and return to them when you feel the need.

Do not do yourself an injustice making the wrong choices.  Be sure of yourself what you need and want before deciding.  Maximize the fullest potential of your wisdom.  Rid off unwanted people, people who bring the cycle of negativity to your actions.

And on your road through discovering happiness, constantly remind yourself that besides of keeping others happy, you have to keep yourself happy too. Vice versa as well.

Positive Quotes

I am a smart individual capable of channeling my thoughts and likewise my emotions, capable of choosing which I prefer to think, not listen to or hear.

For I am my very own Composer of Life; the thoughts that play around and dramatize themselves in my mind construct the music that I hear every second that I breathe.

You, as a perfectly functioning individual, are able to channel your thoughts.  Do not allow yourself to be at the mercy of your emotions instead. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

You, as a perfectly functioning individual, are able to channel your thoughts. Do not allow yourself to be at the mercy of your emotions instead. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)


Photograph credits to Ashraf Saharuddin

Photograph credits to Ashraf Saharuddin

I had a meal of milk-topped pastry, chocolate mousse, the ever-famous Chinese delicacy tau foo fa, a glass of fruit punch, and a dessert of cherry jelly.  Sounds a tad too much?  I do hope it is enough. Read A Story About Myself

My BMI had only recently plummeted down a dangerous low for a long time due to depression.  It was the worst depression I had ever gone through, and I had to practically fight for my life.  In the course my appetite was negatively affected, having to constantly figure out ways out of the Black Hole I had fallen through but always seeming to fail climbing back out.  In the battle against the whole cycle of negativity, only one activity I performed on myself actually helped.  No, it is not praying to Jesus Christ, or to the Father, or to the Holy Spirit.  Nor was it praying to one of the deities that belong to ancient civilizations.  Trust me, I could not do anything that involved praying at that time; there were too many distractions in the outer and inner worlds.  So eventually what really got me out, or at least helped to get me out, is another story to tell for another day altogether.

The point is that now I am out of the Black Hole, I want to grow some fat, please!  Since then I have gained an extra 5 or 6 kilograms more, which is nothing fantastic yet.  But I am keeping trying whatever I can.

Das leben ist gut.  So live your life, people!!

PS: There are plenty of black holes in life by the way; hopefully you just have a single encounter.  But God says no promises though.

Red Scarlet