It’s My Life

One of my favorite songs is It’s My Life by Bon Jovi.  It is an all-time ever since my youth  -well, aye, I admit I am still not too old.

It features a young man in his early 20’s dashing through busy roads and jams and leaping over walls just to meet up with his girlfriend who is at an underground concert.  Midway through his “adventure”, he halts quite abruptly at the side of the bridge and stoops to look down; the automobiles below are driving crazy, as if they were in an autobahn.  As swift as a cheetah, he leaps all the way down, landing on top of an extremely huge tanker. He was fortunate – or should I put it the other way, god was by his side – as he would be torn to pieces if the jump was unsuccessful.

Oh, how I wish my boyfriend really were like that.  Which is the beauty of fantasy.  But, hey, let’s not go there now.  We shall follow through the lyrics if you shall.

The lines were as below.

Live your life! (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Live your life! (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

It’s my life

It’s now or never

I don’t live for ever

I just want to live when I’m alive

It’s my life.

Those very words are what I want you to focus on.  Instead of dwelling on the past, choose to concentrate on the present, the right here, and the right now.  Choose to live – yes, for other people – but more importantly, for yourself.

For a moment, take a pause.  For a moment, hesitate.  In a quick reflection that shutters off rapidly in a matter of seconds, dare yourself to scrutinize all the events from the very beginning with a clear-cut, unbiased perspective.

It is your life that you only live once and no more.  Opportunities do not knock at your door all the time; I mean it is not like you do not allow them to, but that just does not happen.  Seize every chance as a golden opportunity to learn, grow, and mature.  And more importantly, do not fear yourself.

Be wild.  Think wild.  Act wild.  Take the leap.  This… is your life.

Red Scarlet