Dirty Little Secret

Shush. Don’t tell your mother.  Kiss one another.  Die for each other.

In the midst of the gooey mass of grey matter in the prefrontal lobe stands a huge army of Spartan soldiers with their spears sticking upwards in the air.  They are prepared to fight, prepared to conquer malaise, to combat for Truth.  For the mind is a wondrously dangerous place, and white lies are in constant battle with black lies and dirty little secrets.  With a tweak of a passage of signals, the entire perception alters somewhat drastically.  It gives birth to a thought, an idea, and though in its embryonic form, it still has the capability of enveloping the entire physique, covering the subtle pores of the skin with its vulnerable coat like myelineated sheaths of axons.  It hydrates the thirsty soul; it instigates a certain craving for – a little cocaine, maybe?  Fervently spreading throughout the entire breathing creature, it begins to speak aloud in the creature’s own voice.  But how weak the mind is!  Yet it is capable of intelligent choice.

Secret Garden. (Photo courtesy of Twitter)

Secret Garden. (Photo courtesy of Twitter)

A long time has past since I last published my work on WordPress.

It is a superficially busy time for me because, after this semester, I have only two more to go.  Then I shall finally graduate.  It is critically important that I do well during these last few months because I plan to sit for masters. Not only that I am working towards developing my own organizational objectives with a music business unit.  It is not easy to do this single-handedly, but I am fortunate to be able to work with other entrepreneurs as well.

It truly is one last stage for me to get by.  I admit it is tough because I am now handling everything by myself, from tuition fees to organization structure to this little powerful drug – writing – that I do every now and then.  I am consummated by exams and university projects and meeting new people.  Every now and then I am hurled into Dreamland, where I am trapped in an extremely tall tower waiting for my knight in his white horse to come around and save me of course.  At the very same moment, Time is graciously ticking away.

It definitely is fun to form mutual friendships with people and organizations, especially those who would be able to help out in the event that it is necessary.  As part of entrepreneurship all that stress that comes along with it – hopefully it ends successfully.  I want it to be a success of course!  It meaning everything.  Which encompasses education, my job, my friends, my family, my life – everything, god damn it.  All these are the work of a lifetime.  These are all my Paradise.

Don’t tell anyone.  It’s my dirty little secret.  Can you keep it?  Because I am fine with it.

Red Scarlet

P.S.:  I am quite happy being a woman.

Heart Attack

Happiness is your choice. You choose to be happy. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Happiness is your choice. You choose to be happy. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

You have definitely listened to Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack.  Probably you have gone through it also, so you should comprehend the feel of it.  Your heart is weighed down by a brick – its mass is unbearable to a certain degree you can almost not speak.

Now, imagine a triple heart attack that occurs in continuum.  It is a love affair that is not related but somehow interconnected.  One break leads to another in a succession of breaks, as in the infamous game of dominoes.  The more you try to search for answers to the who, why, where, what, and how, the harder it gets to breathe.

The beauty of the human mind nevertheless is that it is capable of selecting what thoughts to frolick about.  Thus everyday you are bombarded with a plenitude of choices, some made by you, the rest made by others – for yourself.  Simply categorize them into two sections; one for the good, the other for the bad.  It is not too hard, is it?  The rest you are not certain of, by the way, you can always stash them away in the Ambiguity Folder first and return to them when you feel the need.

Do not do yourself an injustice making the wrong choices.  Be sure of yourself what you need and want before deciding.  Maximize the fullest potential of your wisdom.  Rid off unwanted people, people who bring the cycle of negativity to your actions.

And on your road through discovering happiness, constantly remind yourself that besides of keeping others happy, you have to keep yourself happy too. Vice versa as well.