Best of Both Worlds

Should have, could have, might have – but did not.  I must smack myself in the face.  The daydreaming I have plunged myself into with all the diving through the deepest depths… it is still going to continue.

This is the 21st century we are now experiencing at the forefront of conciousness.  Yet I choose to submerge a bit further through the id and out the superego as I search through the shelves of my memory for those materials I need to put to good use, specifically.

At times it takes me to a particular point in my life when I do know absolutely what I want to write about, but the hand churns up something else.  Which is quite astounding, because till now, I had expected the hand to obey the mind.

But now I shall shut my hand with orders of persecution and open my mind instead.  My love for drama shall be a little more pronounced in all my studies and research.  It is a personal attempt to bridge a conjuction between the subject of the Sciences and the Arts.  That combined with the philosophies if the ancient Grecian fathers and the rich culture of the past… ooh la la; I could have almost orgasm.

     But of course I do not.

Have you tried mixing vodka with a little berry juice?  Or, perhaps, whisky?  It is approximately similar, only that you put your drunken thoughts to print for all to read and ponder and laugh about.

The Masai warriors are stomping their sharply-carved spears onto the ground, their loincloths waving slightly in the hot, airy climate.  Let the leprachauns dance along the rhythm with pretty little green shemrocks under their cute little feet.

Gah!  Add a bit of rum; switch on the music.  Come dance with me.

Red Scarlet

A Tad of Basic Video-Editing

It has been such a tragic year for the aviation industry in Screenshot - 1Malaysia.

Remember, there was once I mentioned about a video on the Malaysian Airlines.  Or did I not?  Ahem, well, I managed to put almost everything together in the wee hours of the morning.  It is not a task you can just crash and bang, and get the video – even a short one – ready for viewing.

Every single attention must be paid to the minutest detail (like the seconds, for instance).  For this short clip that lasts less than ten minutes I directed, I wrote the first draft of the lyrics and then brainstormed the idea with my partner.

Video-editing can be a fun process.  It can even iron out mental stress.  The best result you can churn out is when you are working under pressure.

Anyhow, I hope this works out well.  Auf weidersehen.

Red Scarlet

The Huge Comic Strip

It is part of the film-making process.  (Photo credits to Ashraf Saharuddin)

It is part of the film-making process.  (Photo credits to Ashraf Saharuddin)

Comic strips are fun to read.  It is a part of the film-making process that occurs somewhere in Step 2 or 3.

The things that occur in life can also be part of a comic strip – would you believe that?

Well, for me, it is just as it is.  A comic strip.  Please understand t.he phrase word by word.  Life is like a huge movie in which god writes up the entire screen play and you are the actor.

Oh, well.  Whatever.

I had made my decision to take part in the fasting during this year’s month of Ramadhan after a bizarre turn of events this year.  Of course on several occasions I admit that the fast had to be broken before due time – plus minus and I would probably get a total of about two weeks.  The days flew by and the last day of fasting arrived.  I had been at work, and after that I was supposed to hit the streets of Kuala Lumpur to do a bit of shooting for a clip on the country’s aviation tragedies.  My partner and I had almost been done with the entire script (it was a short one anyhow), so that night was supposed to be the final round if things worked as planned.

If things worked out as planned.  He texted me in the evening.

“I cannot make it at night.  It is the Hungry Ghosts Festival and my family has plans already.”

You know how I felt?  Euphoric?

Again, whatever.

A good friend had invited me to her husband’s candle-light birthday part by the lakeside at Kota Kemuning the next day, so I was up at noon and prepared myself for the evening.  I gave my eyes a bewitching look with liquid black eyeliner for the top and lower eyelids – somewhat the sort you see on ancient Egyptian women.  Oh, I love my eyes.  Why am I starting to sound narcissistic?

Anyhow, on my way to the mall – I walked there; it was only a few minutes away – to get  a present for the party, I met two young school-age boys dressed in Hari Raya clothes.  We said hi, and then the bigger one asked me: “Kak, ada duit Raya tak?”  (“Elder sister, can we get some tokens?”)

I do not know, but I said I am not married yet!  They were looking at me with their cute, innocent faces which made them almost morph into The Puss in the Boots.  Bad feelings started creeping over me as I swayed over the thought of playing tricks on their little minds.  I obliged in the end.

It was randomness in its extreme.  Happiness overload.

Life is the huge comic strip.  (Photo credits to Ashraf Saharuddin)

Life is the huge comic strip. (Photo credits to Ashraf Saharuddin)