OK.  The page is ready, we have got some photos up, and we are doing whatever we can to get everything going.  I have some good news, too.  A few revisions have been made, and now the updated amount is RM27, 691.00.  That’s like half the amount I had previously posted.

Why?  Well, to tell the truth, some activities have been minimized and slashed out of the list.  We are looking at a smaller target to start with – one that is almost half the initial size.

There is still the music, the dancing, the howling and the shouting, and all the merriment.  There is still the lights to brighten up the night… why, there is still the muist after the fire vanishes from sight.

By the way, I am registering the company real soon, too. So excited!!  Go Brainiac!!

P.  S.:  Was Miley Cyrus standing barefoot on grass when she was performing a duet with whotheysaidhernamewas – Jeanette Jane or something?


Trademark of the company that hosts the Electronic Dance Movement.


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