The Sky is not the Limit

Several years ago, my dear younger brother graduated from high school with a grade point average of 4.0 flat – at the age of only 13. He had written an award-winning composition titled The Sky is not The Limit, which had him admitted to aeronautics engineering school for undergraduate studies.

On the other hand, I had completed at around the same time. I was about 17 back then. I had two choices where I wanted to further my studies: Either as a doctor, or as a pilot.

Nearly six years have passed, and he is now a full-time writer at the Malay Mail, and I am another year to the completion of ny degree in psychology. How dramatic changes in life are!

I do want to go on and do my masters and my post-graduate, and eventually carry the “Doctor” title with my name. That would definitely be nice. It has always been my dream.

After an array of hum-dums, I have decided to slowly freeze everything and join the air forces for a while. Then when I return to land I will shift my focus to other projects.

All I can say is I can do so much as long as I am able to. I am still young!

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