Thinking Out of the Box

Are you stuck in a situation where you feel you can come up with something special and unique, but don’t seem to be able to?

Are you thinking inside the box, or outside the box? (Photograph credits to Ashraf Saharudin)

Are you thinking inside the box, or outside the box? (Photograph credits to Ashraf Saharudin)

Beware…do NOT limit your creativity!

Allow your thoughts to roam freely. Yes, your brain is inside you, protected by a calcium chamber we all call the “skull”. However, accept the fact that your thoughts are simple intangible thoughts, and so can go wherever they want. Think pleasant things, though-they make you a happier, healthier person. If possible, shut your eyes close and start imagining. Imagine what and who you want to be like. Imagine what you want to do. Imagine where you want to be. Conciously let go of control of your thoughts. Do not permit your perceptions to persist and obstruct your path to creativity.

It’s not that it’s wrong to avoid using the section of of your brain with this built-in capability. The fact is, if-and when-you do not utilize it for extended periods, whatever you have learnt from younger days up to the point you read this (and also the effort that you have invested to learning those stuff) becomes calcified in your mind. In other words, you act like a computer in which the functions have been programmed. All you do is answer the command, repeat the action, and repeat it again and again many times over, until your body wears out. Until, hopefully, you ask yourself, “Isn’t there another way to do this?”

Anyhow, I do hope your body hasn’t worn out by the time you hear this, because I have great news to tell you. Just as any computer is programmable, your mind, too, is programmable. You have the sole authority to erase previous data, copy some parts of the RAM, and paste it elsewhere. You even have the right to remove all storage and insert a new application!

So, why don’t you invest your time and effort to add new data? It might not take long, but this depends on what exactly you wish to change. The more complicated it is, the longer it takes, generally.

Spend some time to unwind and release your emotions, burdens, and worries. Focus on your abilities. What is it that is achievable-within your reach? Ignore the things that are on your external locus of control; they do not matter to you.

Next, start thinking. Think about anything you want. Let your thoughts take you high above th skies, through the exosphere, and into the Universe. Envision yourself doing what you love to do. It doesn’t matter if it sounds too simple. It’s all right if it is too complex. You can begin from the bottom and work your way up. Almost every successful person has had humble beginnings. Therefore, don’t worry if you falter badly at the starting line.

Somehow, if you want to change you hairstyle, go ahead and change it! You’ll get more perfect at every practice. You may even be amazed at yourself after a while.

And that’s just a part of Thinking Out Of The Box. Keep yourself updated for more information!

Red Scarlet


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