Heart Attack

Happiness is your choice. You choose to be happy. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Happiness is your choice. You choose to be happy. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

You have definitely listened to Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack.  Probably you have gone through it also, so you should comprehend the feel of it.  Your heart is weighed down by a brick – its mass is unbearable to a certain degree you can almost not speak.

Now, imagine a triple heart attack that occurs in continuum.  It is a love affair that is not related but somehow interconnected.  One break leads to another in a succession of breaks, as in the infamous game of dominoes.  The more you try to search for answers to the who, why, where, what, and how, the harder it gets to breathe.

The beauty of the human mind nevertheless is that it is capable of selecting what thoughts to frolick about.  Thus everyday you are bombarded with a plenitude of choices, some made by you, the rest made by others – for yourself.  Simply categorize them into two sections; one for the good, the other for the bad.  It is not too hard, is it?  The rest you are not certain of, by the way, you can always stash them away in the Ambiguity Folder first and return to them when you feel the need.

Do not do yourself an injustice making the wrong choices.  Be sure of yourself what you need and want before deciding.  Maximize the fullest potential of your wisdom.  Rid off unwanted people, people who bring the cycle of negativity to your actions.

And on your road through discovering happiness, constantly remind yourself that besides of keeping others happy, you have to keep yourself happy too. Vice versa as well.


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