Choices, Choices

I would sit down for hours and tell you all the things I have seen, heard, tasted, and sensed, if only I could.  However, I would not.  All I can say is that I would not be able to talk to you about this if it were not for the choices I made earlier.

There were plenty of hard decisions that I had to conclude, and the only words that rang continuously in my head were as simple as, “Take it, or leave it.”  On several occasions, time was a crucial factor; I just had to decide on the spot, and face the consequences later.

The course of life is just like that – a continuous take-it-or-leave-it process.  How you go about it really requires you to be absolutely well-informed of its consequences.  This requires plenty of thorough investigation within a short period of time.

Scientifically, all one has to do is weigh the pros and cons of the choices available and lay them out before him.  Within minutes – KABOOM – and the decision to act must be carried out.

And once you have made your decision, you must make haste and run after it, into it, so you get what I want.

The consequences, you face later.  And the good and bad of it, you leave it to god.  The only thing you must assure yourself is that you learn from the message transmitted.


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