Tips to Avoiding Procrastination

There are only a few more days to your company’s big showcase. You look at the files your boss handed you the week before. All you had to do was sign the documents in the files. That could wait, you thought. Tonight you have a date. So you decide to sign them when you get back.


Last weekend, it was your father’s birthday, and you wanted to dish up a meal for his dinner at 8 p.m. However, your favorite show came on around 7.30 p.m., and you had already switched on the television at 7 p.m. without doing any preparation.


And just this morning, your pet terrier Hobo hopped into a pile of crispy withered leaves you’d gathered in the garden yesterday. Now the leaves are strewn all over the lawn; not only that, Hobo is dirty. You have to wash him before he jumps into your bed to snuggle himself to sleep. Nevertheless, you have a date tonight – and you don’t want to miss it, remember?

There you go again. Procrastination.

You continuously put things off that have to be completed first as you always become hitched up with other activities that are more pleasurable. Why so? Maybe those activities are more fun. Maybe they are more beneficial to you. Whatever it is, you avoid doing it.

Several consequences can result – in the long run, procrastination can render an individual incapable of doing many things. Do you recall how practice makes perfect? It works about the same way. You need to do it however regularly it requires you.

There are some good news to stopping procrastination altogether though. It’s not exactly a miraculous solution, but if you are willing, it can work wonders in your life. A few key ingredients in the recipe to success are patience, discipline, and perseverance. The paragraphs below outline some ways you may find helpful.

1. Get into the mood of completing your assigned task.
Quite often, you’ll find that you procrastinate because you simply do not have the mood to do anything about it at all. So, let’s get realistic here: You must get it done. All you need to do is become involved – truly involved – with the task that lies ahead of you. If you have to solve a mathematical problem, then let yourself delve deeper and deeper into the logic of mathematics. This doesn’t only save you from the trouble of rushing through your work, it also aids in expanding the capacity of your knowledge.

2. Look on the positive side of things.
Lack of money, creativity, and even IQ capacity plays a huge role in bringing about procrastination. Because you lack something, you feel inadequate to accomplish the goal. In this case, you should focus on the outcomes instead. Paint a mental picture of the end result. Not very assuring? Don’t worry. There’s nothing better than getting your job done on time.

3. Complete it little by little.
This usually works if you either have a large project or are trying to handle several projects at once. In this case, you have to first decide which is of more importance. Next, you need to break it down into stages. This way you can finish it up bit by bit. Doing so decreases the mental workload of your perceptions.

Try these steps one at a time for a start – you will be amazed at how much better you feel.


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