Managing Emotions

Lili Marleen (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

Lili Marleen (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

There is a ship in the sea standing tall in the horizon. The striking rays of the Sun shone upon its coat and beamed across the wooden floorboards. The air is good; cool and breezy, and fresh with the morning mist. The only sound that could be heard is probably the gentle swishing of waves as the ship sailed gracefully along and pushed the waters aside. The mast is projecting upright in the air, directing the ship as the soft sweet wind blew. The sky is blue and clear, as if someone had just polished off the fleecy clouds and stored them away.

Then something happened very quickly that stole the scene in the blink of an eye.

The weather became tumultous one instant. Tiny droplets of water gathered and formed huge masses of dark grey. The winds took a turning point and started bellowing savagely through the icy air. The currents ravaged through the sea, creating monstrous waves that thrashed everything and everyone hungrily. The next instant, the strong mast shook and broke and fell down with all its glory, wreaking the floorboards with a loud “Crack!” Thunders roared and strips of light streaked in the sky. Men and women, young and old, and children ran frantically to the left to the right, forwards and backwards, hoping to save themselves and what was dear to them.

This analogy portrays how our emotions can effectively influence ourselves and our environment. Negative temperaments result in dire consequences, which is why we have to remain calm regardless of the situation. Your body is your ship and you have to understand your lighthouse – your brain – to manuever your ship. Maintaining a calm compose brings way to enhanced communications, strengthening relationships and even productivity.

That said, let’s begin keeping watch over our lighthouse to manage our inner self for our good and the good of others.


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