MAS Parody

Oh god! I just got back from recording my song for a short clip on Malaysia’s unfortunate aviation tragedies.

It is kind of sad that such uneventful circumstances occurred in quite a brief period of time – we have not even recovered from the earlier one.  At a personal level, I too feel extremely bereaved about the recent losses.  I fear, too, a little, for my friends and loved ones. Wherever they may be, overseas or in-land.  Boarding a plane these days does not seem like much of the fun it portrayed in the past.

Anyhow if all goes well, the clip should be out when it is ready.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

Like a team that relies on each and every member to stay strong although one of them has been weakened, so must we unite and work together in solving such mysteries.  Racism, prejudice, ethnocentrism, discrimination . . . you name it, you just got to put all that aside now.  Life does not work that way.

Whatever that is past is to be put away for now is a test for our unity.  Will we stand, or will we fall – yet again?

To this, I have only two words.  God knows.


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