Normal... or abnormal?

Normal… or abnormal?

Now let’s just say you were born naturally.   Or at least you had a natural birth, or you assumed so.  You have two arms, two legs, two (must I mention that!) parts of the brain – the left and right hemisphere, that is – and beautiful, chiselled-out features.  You are intelligent, healthy, and quirky.  You run the fastest in your neighborhood; every girl and boy, man and woman envy your legs.

And then, this morning, someone knocks on your door and gives you this piece of news: You got to get out of your normality, and hop in to the next lane of normality. Does this sound like good news or bad news?  What would you do?

Run away, I bet.  Before you do that, bravo.

And welcome to your fantasy world, Marsinda Plueigens.


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