This One Quickie

The author after one of her night excursions. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

The author after one of her night excursions. (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

It is very exhilarating.  The mind is cleared in the process; every task, big or small, is pushed further down into the unconcious, freeing more space in the memory.  Why?  Because it shifts your focus to the activity itself, when you need to concentrate on something that uses very little brain power but exhausts every drop of muscular energy in your body.  Even though it does not take up a lot of time.  Twenty minutes will be great.

Another thing I have taken note of is that the best time to do it is on a really extremely windy night.  Strong winds are the most alluring.  Of course, you must do it outdoors – it does not produce similar effects if it is done indoors.

Just wear your best outfit and begin your session.

The last time I had a jog, it was really rushed as it appeared as if it were going to the thunderstorm.  I had already had my dinner of salmon fillet, potato chips, and olive salad, so now I was making my way to the park.

Halfway through,  air began shaking in the winds – it was therapeutic to the senses.  It felt soft and velvety as it caressed my bare legs that were already sweating slightly.

My watch had already showed 11.30PM when I started my little run (my version – slow coach!).  I was thinking of doing just 200m, but to my delight I managed to cover more than 1km.  I have not actually been running since my last “stunt” at the Penang Bridge International Marathon where I did 21km.  But, hey, I am not like my brother Alexander Winifred who runs much more speedier than I do.  He has won several first places in different competitions around the nation – I have yet to even catch up my own mother.

Probably it was the winds that helped me.  They had perhaps puffed outwards on my back, pushing me along.  But one thing for sure is that I felt completely refreshed after that.


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