The Best Medicine


In the ancient times, there lived a tiny little she-elf that brought to her town a tinier box of SOMETHING INSIDE.  All the elves in the town were feeling very depressed and upset because the year 2014 did not seem very good.  They had their heads hung low to their chest and their lips creased to the corners of their faces.

The she-elf tried her best to keep her box shut, but it could not.  And finally, out of the blue – SNAP!!  The SOMETHING INSIDE burst out of the box and flew away.  It escaped!

The SOMETHING INSIDE started diffusing itself into the air.  Quite naturally, it caught up into everyone’s noses – and would you know what happened next?

All the elves started laughing crazily!!!  They fell onto the ground and roared with easing laughter;  some walked about with a wide smile on their faces.

Laughing is ironically the best medicine in the world.  In fact, researchers have demonstrated in several studies that individuals who smile and laugh a lot more tend to extend their lifespans and longetivity compared to those folks who put on a down face nearly all the time.

Here are the fun facts:  When you laugh, an entire army of neurotransmitters are released from your hippocampus, allowing your muscles to loosen up a little bit.  Your face, arms, chest, abdomen, and legs become more at ease – almost as if you are flying on Cloud 9.  Your mind is at liberty from the ills of routine as you direct, rather unconciously, your cognitions to letting all go.  The most amazing thing is that the wonderful feeling of awesomeness remains with you for a while even after you are done with laughing.

Oh, and your friend does a rewind, and the two of you start crackling up again.  It goes on and on, nearly unstoppable.  Isn’t it great how it makes you feel?


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