“Buka Puasa” with Fried Salmon and Olive Salad

1 salmon fillet
1/2 potato, thinly sliced
2 cherry tomatoes
1/3 cucumber thinly sliced

It is “buka puasa” (breaking fast) time in the month of Ramadhan, and you are hard-pressed for time as always.  With what little time you have, how are you going to have a quick and easy-to-make meal that is also healthy?

This is the dilemma I face almost everyday, what with work and studies and writing (which take up a big part of my daily routine).  Yet when it comes to eating healthily, I don’t miss out on that one.  Come on, I only live once!

I checked my refrigerator and found a salmon fillet, some cucumbers, a jar of olives in brine, tomatoes, and potatoes.  I decided right there and then what I was going to do.

Taking out the salmon from the freezer to thaw, I left them by the sink to thaw.  I chopped the potato into thin slices, dice the tomatoes and cucumber, and dropped them into a small bowl.  Then I spoon a bit of olives from the jar and mixed them into my simple salad.

In the meantime, I set the potato slices to fry in the wok till golden brown and crisp.  After about 5 minutes, I drained off the oil from the potato crisps, and I slid the salmon, now properly dried, into the wok.

The whole dish was ready in twenty minutes.  I topped it off with some figs, or kurma

For dessert, I simply had blueberries and sweet cherries with some vanilla ice-cream.  It was absolutely mouth-watering and refreshing, especially on a hot night.

So great I decided it was time for me to hit the park nearby.  That I did.  Though it was 11.30PM.

Another story which shall hit the posts sometime soon.


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