Whocha lookin' at?

Who cha lookin’ at? (Photo credits to Alicia Ai Leng)


You gave me a bit of chance

Lookin’ across the hallway dance

Flirted with me I can’t

Not with you and your thousand fans

Sure enough you will, I know

Bring me to the skies I’ll go

Grabbed me in your flow

Tore my skin apart my soul

I will live in this

I shall live in this

I will hold you and squeeze you and make you drool

All night

There’s a bell somewhere

Still ringing out there

And I feel it, I sense it

Stranger, danger, danger

I love the way you walk

Your right foot on top

Stranger, danger, danger

I wish you stayed longer

So I can get to know you better

Hey, stranger, stranger, stranger

Come and hop on with me.

Red Scarlet


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