Photograph credits to Ashraf Saharuddin

Photograph credits to Ashraf Saharuddin

I had a meal of milk-topped pastry, chocolate mousse, the ever-famous Chinese delicacy tau foo fa, a glass of fruit punch, and a dessert of cherry jelly.  Sounds a tad too much?  I do hope it is enough. Read A Story About Myself

My BMI had only recently plummeted down a dangerous low for a long time due to depression.  It was the worst depression I had ever gone through, and I had to practically fight for my life.  In the course my appetite was negatively affected, having to constantly figure out ways out of the Black Hole I had fallen through but always seeming to fail climbing back out.  In the battle against the whole cycle of negativity, only one activity I performed on myself actually helped.  No, it is not praying to Jesus Christ, or to the Father, or to the Holy Spirit.  Nor was it praying to one of the deities that belong to ancient civilizations.  Trust me, I could not do anything that involved praying at that time; there were too many distractions in the outer and inner worlds.  So eventually what really got me out, or at least helped to get me out, is another story to tell for another day altogether.

The point is that now I am out of the Black Hole, I want to grow some fat, please!  Since then I have gained an extra 5 or 6 kilograms more, which is nothing fantastic yet.  But I am keeping trying whatever I can.

Das leben ist gut.  So live your life, people!!

PS: There are plenty of black holes in life by the way; hopefully you just have a single encounter.  But God says no promises though.

Red Scarlet


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