The Life of a Student

Image“My friend, I remember, she used to stay with us in the UTAR hostel.  She was one of the top scorers in my class.  Do you know how she studied?”  (Photograph credits to Alicia Ai Leng)

“How did she study?”

“Like crazy.  She has her Foundation classes everyday from 8AM to 5 or 6PM, and then comes back to have her dinner, and then after that she would go back to her room to study until about 3AM.  Crazy!!

“Huh?  Like that no life… only study, study, study….”

I listened as two college-going young people chatted endlessly about their classmate.  It was an eye-opener to the reality of life – the life only accustomed to us blungeoning through the early years of adulthood.  Even the aunties and uncles at the Kopitiam (coffeeshop) could not fathom our lifestyles.

That is just the way it is.  It is the matter of facts.  We are brought up in a capitalistic era where everyone is trying to buy more time for themselves.  Life’s exorbitant expenses have transformed us into Monsters of the Self.  As students, we are enslaved to the world of economics, whether directly or indirectly.  We say we study for a better future, but where is the future for ourselves when we are only confined to our textbooks and notes?

Yet we gradually learn to snake a path out of the labyrinth and revitalize ourselves.

Red Scarlet


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