Swimming Fish Tales

A dolphin is a type of mammal-fish, isn't it?                              -2-year-old infant

A dolphin is a type of mammal-fish, isn’t it?
-2-year-old infant


I made a meal out of an entire zebra-striped swimsuit set today.  Including a pair of black goggles.

I cannot wait to dive in a pool of lush, velvety water.  I do not care whether I end up in the Pacific Ocean, or the Red Sea, or the Black Sea – all I want is to just dive in!  I need to rebuild my abs.

I walked straight into KLCC till I was lost amongst the crowd.  As soon as I noticed Isetan I spotted Parkson beside it.  So I walked ahead until I ended up lost in the crowds again.  I had walked all the way towards the other exit.  Duh.  After asking for directions, I managed to go to where I wanted.

Whilst trying on some swimsuits, the songs blasted out of the speakers!  They were cool songs; one of them even went:

“I came to dance, dance, dance, dance

I hit the floor ’cause it’s my plans, plans, plans, plans….”

by Taio Cruz.

When Martin Seligman was campaigning about his 21st century theory about positive psychology, he asserted that exercise should be a part of everyone’s Happiness Regime.  Exercise, he claimed, improves the cardiac system, increasing oxygen levels especially in neural cells.  Happy cells that have had their fill function more effectively than oxygen-deprived cells.

That is the reason why I swim.  That is the reason why I dance.  And, hey, I am thinking of a crazy project.  It will not drive you bonkers; rather it will drive you with the positive force you require to keep you up and bustling throughout the day.

Yeah, it was the fitting room.  I did not let that bother me.  I just danced for half an hour.  Danced semi-naked.  Because, somehow, everything is going to be all right.

PS:  It was such a hectic day today.  Right after the class presentation, I rushed off to see a lecturer about another assignment before running off to get to work even before the class was over.  Now it is way past midnight, and I shall be typing my script out for the short film.

Red Scarlet



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