Unleashing Your Wild Side

To me, the dance floor (or any empty floor for that matter) is like a piece of paper.  It can be the other way round too.  It permits the body to creatively express relief through artistic movements.  It leashes out the person within the person; a being perhaps never known to others or perhaps the self.  Be it moonwalking MJ style, waltzing to Mozart, or hip-hopping back and forth, it brings life to the quenched soul.  It seals up the sores and open wound, temporarily lifting you from the present.  And in the process, it revitalizes the mind, washing away all the pain, worries, and burdens as it sharpens the focus of the mind and brings it to the now.  Moreover, dance – ballet, K-Pop, and so on – have taken up forms of exercises, and an increasing number of people have enrolled themselves for such programs.

Dance is supposed to keep you happy especially after a long day.  The type of people you encounter daily could fluctuate your emotions, offsetting a certain string of cognitions.  However, dancing never fails to put a smile on your face.  You are listening to the genre you enjoy, and you are nodding your head and swaying to the rhythm.  People will look and gaze and stare, but who cares?  Not I.

Nothing beats the art of dance than dance itself.  It is so beautiful.  I see it as a two-way process.  I am at this point of time another step closer to my passion.  I have bought a pair of Edwin’s dancing sneakers at a sale!!  The next step is to get a pair of headphones –  those large ones that resemble wear muffles.  At this age where electronic music is the new in-thing, all I want to do is to point towards Mars (hopefully it is the right direction), close my eyes, and hop up and down.  With every beat the thumping of my heart is amplified as I lose myself to the music.  I shall not care who is looking!

A 20-minute dance workout at 1AM (my first time!) in the badminton court where the boys usually play futsal is enough to rev me up and break out the sweat.  I do a 400-meter jog, and then walk back to my burrow to complete my writing.  Although I am attempting to frame different music notes in my head, I am at the same time wary of anyone who could be looking on.  Could they just be sneaking a peek from their windows?  From their cars?  Not to worry, this is a condominium and anybody who trespasses gets doomed.  Gah.  Forget it – there’s too much to worry about.

No, I am not doing this because my life is empty.  I am doing this because I have a purpose, which is to help people like you and me and everybody else find happiness.  I find my happiness in music.  It is my own personal therapy after a really hectic day.

Well, yeah, I am an avid follower of Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology.  The world is a sorrowful place, and life is just too short to be sad. To be happy means to think happy, to act happy.  And then do happy.  Help others be happy.  To smile.

So just dance and let it all out.

Red Scarlet



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